Voice Dialogue sessioner

Välkommen att boka sessioner med Kali eller Frans

IMG-franciskavonkoch    Franciska “Kali” von Koch   

IMG_frans-face-sm-ring    Frans Kocken                       

Voice Dialogue Sweden

We have offered Voice Dialogue education and individual session work in Sweden since the nineties. Welcome to contact us for current information.

We provide sessions in swedish, english and dutch.


     Franciska “Kali” von Koch  mettha@gmail.com  Phone  + 46 723 11 80 40  franciskavonkoch.blogspot.se  Individual sessions in Stockholm or by phone/skype


     Frans Kocken  E-post:    info@smilingmountain.com Telefon:  +46 707 55 51 61    hemsida: www.smilingmountain.com  Individual sessions in Malmö, på Österlen or by phone/skype. Even couple sessions.